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Elizabeth Olsen, Back to Sundance (and Her Indie Roots)

Before hitting the Hollywood big time with her roles in Godzilla and her turns as Scarlett Witch in Marvel’s Captain America franchise, Elizabeth Olsen was a Sundance darling. In movies like Silent House, Liberal Arts and especially her tour-de-force main role in Martha, Marcy, Mae Marlene, the young actress was practically mentored in Park City. This year she is back with two films: Ingrid Goes West in which she plays a social media star and Instagram “influencer” who draws the obsessive attentions of a young and unstable Pennsylvania woman. In Taylor Sheridan’s taut western-thriller Wind River she is FBI agent Jane Banner, assigned a homicide case on the snowy and bitterly impoverished Wind River Indian reservation in Wyoming, where she finds herself very lost before finding assistance from a Fish & Wildlife tracker with a complicated back story (Jeremy Renner). Ting Ting Xu caught up with the prolific Ms. Olsen and asked her about both roles.