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Going in Style: The Pros Show How It’s Done

When your cast principals total 33 Golden Globe career nominations and 10 wins among them, you know you’re starting on the right foot. Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman and Ann-Margret put up those numbers and star in Going In Style inspired by the 1979 film of the same title with George Burns and Art Carney. The premise is the same, a trio of old pensioner friends who struggle to make ends meet (and in his case lose their pensions when the steel mill they used to work for is sold overseas), join forces to right the injustice by hitting the local bank. In other words, a classic caper picture where the pleasure comes from watching this group of Hollywood legends ply their trade with the consummate ease of seasoned pros. Lynn Tso, Scott Orlin and Helen Hoehne talked to all of them and to director Zach Braff about the film.