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HFPA Awards Residency Prizes at TIFF

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the first Residency Awards at the Toronto International Film Festival. The program, which builds on last year’s Canada Shorts Award, was aimed at TIFF’s Film Makers Lab, and the twenty-two film makers who participated in the festival’s mentorship program directed by Jane Shoettle. A jury of HFPA members selected three young directors based on their submitted work. The winners, announced by HFPA president Meher Tatna at an informal ceremony at TIFF’s Varda Lounge on September 8, are: Georgia Fu, Cynthia Kao and Rati Tsiteladze. They will be invited to the Golden Globes viewing party at the Beverly Hilton on January 6, 2019 and will remain in Los Angeles for an intensive residency of talks, clinics and workshops with industry professionals and administered by Film Independent on Behalf of the HFPA. Also joining the TIFF winners in Los Angeles for the residency will be three winners of the “Orizzonti” section from the Venice Film Festival as part of the new HFPA mentorship partnership announced at this year’s festival.