KITS (Kids in the Spotlight)

When HFPA reached out to KITS about creating an introduction video for the organization, we realized it was an opportunity for our youth to produce a video for a client while utilizing the filmmaking skills they learned from our programs. After conceptualizing what the promo video would look like, five (5) of our youth filmmakers wrote the promo video script. After the script was approved, the youth put on their producer hats and scheduled shoot dates with the four (4) KITS youth highlighted in this video. After a 12-hour day of shooting in some of Los Angeles’ most iconic locations, our youth filmmakers completed the project – on their own. Since completing this video last year, those five (5) youths are still creating video projects and even thinking about starting their own business together. 

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(Created for The Department of Children & Family)


(In 2120, two young, gifted scientists travel to a foreign planet to acquire a rare plant needed to save their race.)


(Double standards play a major role in justice for two high school students who are the victims of sexual assault.)