Alfredo Friedlander

Alfredo Friedlander started as a film critic almost 40 years ago. He is currently contributing to "A sala llena", an Argentinian site. He also published a first volume of the book "El canon del cine norteamericano" (together with Alfredo Villanueva) which focuses on American Cinema from the beginning of movies to 1959. A second volume covering 1960 to 1989 has just been completed and will be presented at BAFICI, one of the two main film Festivals in Argentina. Volume 3 (1990 to 2022) is scheduled to be ready in about 3 months and will be presented at Mar del Plata Film Festival (the other most important movie event in Argentina) in November 2023. He has attended the Cannes Film Festival every year since 1985 (except for 1987). This year (2023) will be his 38th Cannes. He published an Argentinian column in the International Film Guide (Peter Cowie/Daniel Rosenthal/Ian Haydn Smith) from 1999 up to its last issue in 2012. He was a juror in several Film Festivals including Mar del Plata Film Festival and BAFICI as representative of the Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos (Argentina), of which he has been a member for over twenty years. He also attended other International Film Festivals, notably Berlinale, Venice, TIFF and San Sebastian.