Amir Kaminer

Journalist, film critic and culinary writer Amir Kaminer is a well-known character in the city of Tel-Aviv. Kaminer studied Film Theory at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television between 1982-1985, where during his studies he became one of the founders of the now-defunct magazine, Films (‘Sratim’’). In 1986, he joined the Yedioth Ahronoth media group as their in-house film critic. Since then, he has devoted himself to injecting camp, cult, trash, and fringe culture into Israeli society. In 2000, Kaminer began covering the Cannes Film Festival regularly and has since become one of the figures most synonymous with the festival. His festival sojourns, however, are by no means limited to the French Riviera, and he has been known to cover many other festivals all over the world regularly. In the early ‘90s, Kaminer was considered one of the symbols of Tel Aviv’s hip “Sheinkin” and local magazine culture, and even made a handful of cameos playing himself in numerous films set around Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene, including “Tel Aviv Stories”, “Amazing Grace”, “Strangers in the Night”, and “Song of the Siren”.