Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Daniel Rafaelic

I’m a film historian, film critic and Egyptologist. I was CEO of CROATIAN AUDIOVISUAL CENTER (2017-2019), Head of film preservation and restoration at CROATIAN CINEMATHEQUE (2007-2009). since 2002 I have worked as film critic and film historian. In 2005 I directed the documentary THE OTHER SIDE OF WELLES (which premiered at Locarno FF) and have also acted in several Croatian feature films (Farewell, 2013. Happy Endings, 2014. Happy End, 2018., Sama cu, 2022.). I have been a film critic for CROATIAN NATIONAL TELEVISION since 2013. I regularly appear on the TV show Good Morning, Croatia. My books include Cinema and the Swastika, The International Expansion of Third Reich Cinema, Hamphshire/New York: Brill (2007., as co-author), Kinematografija u NDH, Zagreb: Naklada Ljevak (2013.), Expressionism in the Cinema, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (2016., as a co-author). Orson Welles in Hvar, Grad Hvar (2018., as a co-author). Temples Claimed From The Nile, Zagreb: HAVC and HDA (2019., as a co-author). A History of World Egyptology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2021., as a co-author), The Phantom of Durmitor Zagreb: KIC (2022.). Ivo Gregurević, Zagreb, Školska knjiga (2022., as a co-author).