Gabriel Lerman

Born in Argentina in 1962, Gabriel Lerman studied literature and anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires. He has enjoyed a successful career as a journalist over the last 30 years living in Los Angeles. During this time, he has worked as the LA correspondent for many outlets in Spain and Latin America, including the daily newspaper, La Vanguardia from Barcelona, as well as such magazines as Dirigido Por and Ethic from Spain, Estilo from Honduras, and Acción from Argentina. He regularly interviews directors and actors from Latin America and Spain for the website From 1991 to 2008, Lerman was Managing Editor for the Los Angeles-based weeklies Variedades, Mundo LA and La Guia. Lerman was also a contributor for many prestigious outlets including La Nacion, Pagina 12 and La Capital from Argentina, El Pais from Uruguay, Ultimas Noticias and La Epoca from Chile, Reforma, Público and La Jornada from Mexico, and El Comercio from Ecuador. He also wrote for the magazines Maxim's and Tres Puntos from Argentina, Access and In from Chile, as well as Cinemania, Esquire, and Life & Style from Mexico. Additionally, Lerman regularly contributed to Costa Rica’s Fem magazine, and Telva and Imágenes de Actualidad from Spain. As a domestic journalist, Lerman regularly freelanced for the newspapers El Nuevo Herald from Miami, Hoy from New York and Rumbo in San Antonio, Texas. Other magazines include Selecciones del Reader's Digest and People en Español. Since 2004 he has been a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, where he is now serving on the Board of Directors. In 1988, Lerman was nominated for the International Media Award presented by the Publicists Guild of America and received twelve awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Prior to moving to the United States, in 1989, Lerman contributed to the Argentinian dailies Clarín and Sur, and the magazines El Periodista, Satiricón, Caras y Caretas, Humor and Siete Días.

In Argentina, Lerman published two books of interviews and a children’s book, “The SEDIM Project.” His unpublished novel, “The Inhabitants of the Mirror,” was awarded the second prize by the sole juror, Adolfo Bioy Casares, in the First Bienal de Arte Joven in 1989.