United States

Gerardo Prat

Born in Argentina, Gerardo Prat started as a radio news announcer and journalist at the age of 17. He worked as a news anchor, reporter, and producer in mainstream media in Argentina, Spain and Los Angeles, CA, writing for Antena3 and Diario el País, among others.

Since 2002, he has covered hundreds of entertainment events, premieres, and press junkets in Hollywood and film festivals for dozens of Hispanic media outlets worldwide and currently for Hola TV (Spain), ATB (Bolivia), and Teleantillas (Dominican Republic).

Prat also graduated as an announcer (COSAL) and became AVO voice talent in Los Angeles. He regularly records promos, dubbing and audiobooks and is the most published audiobook narrator in Latin American Spanish Language. He was chosen as the official Spanish voice of the Pope in Pope Francis’ books.

As a media entrepreneur, Prat founded two news companies for which he established production, administration, and strategic alliances to create and distribute news content worldwide.

Prat participated as a lecturer in many countries in Latin America invited by the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, which published books and articles on topics like journalistic investigation and think tanks, all authored by him. He has an MA in Journalism from El Salvador University.