United States

Helen Hoehne

President, Golden Globes LLC.  As President of Golden Globes LLC, Helen Hoehne leads one of the world’s most recognizable entertainment awards and has overseen its recent restructuring, resulting in substantial growth in size, diversity, and global engagement. A respected and highly accomplished media professional and journalist, Hoehne joined the Globes in 2004, assuming various leadership positions and spearheading initiatives to enhance diverse representation, improve governance, and expand accessibility within the entertainment industry. Her visionary leadership and dedication to inclusivity and promoting ethical standards have been instrumental in shaping the Golden Globe Awards into a beacon of progress and excellence within the industry. Born in Hamburg, Germany, she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology before embarking on a journalism career at Germany’s Bauer Media Group. Throughout her career, Helen contributed to several publications in Germany, including TV Movie, InStyle, and Empire. Her expertise expanded into broadcast journalism, where she served as a contributor for the German television channels ProSieben and RTL. Prior to her role as president, Hoehne held the position of Creative Director at Upgrade Media, driving strategic development, overseeing marketing initiatives, and orchestrating successful product placements for a wide range of clients. Helen serves on the Board of Directors for California State University, Northridge, as well as on the Board of Directors of the Golden Globe Foundation, which has awarded $55 million in grants to support arts, education, journalism, and film restoration programs for various non-profit organizations. Helen currently resides in Los Angeles.