South Korea

Hyunju Jo

Hyunju Jo started as an entertainment journalist in 2013. She initially covered broadcast, including drama and entertainment, then expanded into film. Throughout her career, she felt her role was to act as a bridge between creators and audiences — to provide insight into the viewing experience and to communicate the intentions behind each piece of work. As a journalist, her aim has been to provide viewers and readers with nuances that captivate audiences and unravel the intentions of the creators, whether analyzing a television drama, a variety show or a film. By offering critical perspectives and suggestions for improvement, her aim was to contribute to dialogue around each piece of content. Her work as a media professional has taken her through online platforms, print publications, magazines and video content. Each medium has presented its own set of challenges and opportunities, and have allowed her to hone her skills as a communicator. She feels the heart of her journalistic ethos is a commitment to delivering “joyful facts.”