Judita DaSilva

Judita DaSilva is an international broadcast journalist in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. She is a graduate of the University College London (UCL), where she earned a bachelor’s degree in French and European History, as well as a master’s degree in Film Studies. She also earned a post-graduate diploma in Music Technology & Sound Engineering from the London Music School before starting her professional career as a producer and copywriter for radio in London, which was short-lived because she was scouted and began a new career as an international runway and editorial model. From modelling she transitioned to working in television, first as on-screen talent and then behind the camera. Her years in boarding school in England as a girl prepared her for this transsition, as she spent part of that time training in speech and drama with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and dance at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Today, she works as a presenter, news anchor/correspondent, writer and producer. Her work includes covering red carpet awards shows, events and premiers around the world, as well as producing music videos, tv programs, independent films, and her own talk show, in addition to her work as a writer. In a career of over 15 years, Judita has worked with stars from Nollywood to Hollywood and her news journalism has covered multiple continents.