Laslo Rojas

Laslo Rojas is co-founder and current editor of, a Peruvian film website created in 2005, with audiences in Latin America, Spain and USA. He is also a founding member of APRECI – Peruvian Film Press Association. He has collaborated on the Chilean film website, in the Peruvian magazine “Ventana Indiscreta”, and in a handful of movie blogs. Rojas was part of the International Critics’ Jury in the Lima Film Festival, jury member in the National Contest for Long-Feature Projects organized by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. He was selected for the Talents Buenos Aires program, realized during the BAFICI Festival; he was selected to participate in the Nisimazine Workshop, organized by the European Network of Young Cinema, NisiMasa, during the Rio Film Festival. Rojas has covered various film festivals virtually (Toronto, Sundance, Rotterdam, Tribeca, DOC NYC, CPH:DOX) and in-person: BAFICI, Rio de Janeiro, Valdivia, Lima, Transcinema, Al Este, among others local festivals. He also works as a film distributor, in collaboration with the streaming platform and as a freelancer.