South Africa

Matthew Jenner

I have been an avid film lover since childhood – from those days of encountering the classical works of Billy Wilder and Agnès Varda, to exploring the careers of many incredible artists from every corner of the globe, I have been immersed in cinema for as long as I remember, transitioning from casual fan to professional writer. The indescribable feeling of sitting in a crowded cinema and sharing the experience of voyaging to another world is truly extraordinary and has informed my sincere love for filmmaking in all of its forms. I have been writing film criticism for over a decade, both in a personal capacity through a self-run website, and for outlets such as the International Cinephile Society, for which I have covered several major festivals, including Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno and San Sebastián. I truly believe that the wonder and joy we experience from immersing ourselfves in a film is a universal language, and I am proud to continue to bring exposure to all of the incredible artists who entertain and inform us through their impeccable work and remind us of the miracle that is the moving picture.