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Mo Abdi

Mo Abdi has been a film critic for more than three decades. He has published 14 books and thousands of articles and reviews in more than 50 outlets. In 1998, Abdi published his first book “Film Criticism in Iran” about the history of film criticism and film analysis in Iran. From 1999 to 2002, he served as the editor-in- chief for “Honare Haftom” (Seventh Art) magazine. His first short story collection with the title of “Marg-e yek Roshanfekr” ( Death of an Intellectual) was published in 2002 in Iran. His second short story collection called “Az Opera Lezzat bebbar” (Enjoy the Opera) was published in Paris in 2013. His first novel called “Five Women” was published in London in 2020. Abdi also has made five documentaries include a famous documentary about Ebrahim Golestan, great pioneer Iranian filmmaker and writer.