Ramzy Malouki

A former medical student, Tunisian-born journalist Ramzy Malouki started his career at the age of 17 on the French Radio Network Europe 2. A year later, he made the transition to television as a host working for Luxembourg-based RTL-Television, then for M6 in France. After graduating from the French School of Journalism, he dropped out of medical school in order to join the team of French network Channel 5 where he worked as a field reporter for the evening news, before switching to special assignments in the Middle East for their weekly news magazine. Malouki moved to the United States after being hired by the Canal Plus Group. Based in Los Angeles, he is currently the West Coast bureau Chief for CNEWS, the 24 hours News channel of Canal Plus. He is also the producer and host of Hollywood Live, a weekly magazine airing in France on CINE+. To date, Malouki has produced more than 1,000 stories in the US only, covering all aspects of the news, from politics to breaking news, sports and entertainment. He is also a consultant for the French Polynesian network Tahiti Nui Television.