Sergio Moreira

Uruguayan film critic Sergio Moreira has been represented in various Montevidean media outlets, such as the newspaper La República, Montevideo Portal, Emisora ​​del Sodre, CX 30, Océano FM, Radio Universal, among other radio stations and magazines. He is a member of the Uruguayan Film Critics Association (ACCU), of which he was President from 2013 to 2016. He has served as a jury member at international festivals including Mar del Plata, Ceará, FicViña, Punta del Este and the International Film Festival of Uruguay. He was co-programmer of the Montevideo Film Festival, and for three years programmed the Matinée con los vecinos cycle in the Cordón neighborhood of Montevideo. He is currently a contributor to the radio program El Mural (on the state radio station Radio Cultura) and host of the Tilt Up program, which is broadcast on Youtube on Canal Esdrújula TV and Canal 7 in Punta del Este.