Dominican Republic

Victor Pineyro

Victor Piñeyro is a Dominican Republic based producer, writer, director, entertainment lawyer, film critic and film reporter. In 2016 he founded Seventh Art Studio, a platform for and by film lovers with presence in every social media outlet. In 2017 he co-founded the film-related YouTube channel “Cineautas”. In 2019 he co-founded the film podcast “Entre Tomas”. Since 2018 he’s been doing legal, administrative and management work for the growing film industry in Dominican Republic, specifically alongside the tax incentives provided through the Dominican film law. In 2020 he was made Tomatometer-approved critic by Rotten Tomatoes. Also in 2020, with the start of production of his first short film as a writer/director, he founded Seventh Art Studio Productions, a production company committed to telling Dominican stories that shake us to our core. Since then, he’s produced one short film (“Cuando Fui Grande” (2023), two medium length films (“Cinco Gato” (2022) and “Hierro Viejo” (2024)) and has two short films (“Terms and Conditions” and “Match”), and two long-feature films (“Estoy Aquí” and “El Sueño”) in development, he co-produced the documentary feature film (“Niñas Escarlata”) which is currently in post-production. Since 2021 he’s been providing independent production services for local and international productions filmed in Dominican Republic. In 2022 he was invited to be a member of the Dominican Press and Film Critics Association (ADOPRESCI). And in 2023 he was appointed by as an International Voter for the Golden Globe Awards.