Wael Khairy

Wael Khairy is a film critic from Egypt writing for a number of international publications. He was named by film critic Roger Ebert as one of the reasons we live in the golden age of film criticism in a Wall Street Journal article. Ebert then hired him as a foreign correspondent, and he’s been writing for him ever since. Wael has been writing reviews consistently on Ebert’s website for over ten years now and counting. He has also written several reviews and essays in two World Film Locations books published in the UK. Khairy’s work was even featured on The Criterion Collection website. He also regularly reviews films on his personal website, cinephilefix, the Chicago Sun-Times website, and Cairo Scene. He is currently the resident film critic at Cairo Scene and has discussed various film topics on Nile FM and BBC Radio. Wael Khairy has been invited and contributed to several film festivals including Sundance Films Festival, Ebertfest, BFI London Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. He is also a lecturer and a senior officer of cinematic academic operations at ESLSCA University in Egypt.