Yuko Yoshikawa

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Yuko Yoshikawa has been working as a film journalist for over 30 years, covering press junkets, premieres, film festivals and the Academy Awards. She currently contributes to Cinematoday, Flix, and TV Guide.  Her articles have also been published in Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei Entertainment and Elle Japon amongst others. She received her MA in Cinema Studies from NYU and initially worked on numerous Japanese television documentaries including The World of Roger Corman, The Sundance Film Festival Special, The Academy Awards Special, Stanley Kubrick and Katherine Hepburn. As a producer, her credits include the anthology horror film Trapped Ashes (directors: Joe Dante, Monte Hellman, Ken Russell, Sean S. Cunningham and John Gaeta) which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006, and the comedies Home Sweet Hoboken, starring Ben Gazzara (2000) and Sleepy Heads (1997). She was the recipient of the International Media Award at the 53rd ICG Publicists Awards in 2016