• Golden Globe Awards

“A Bridge to a World Audience”

From the opening of the 79th Golden Globe Awards, by Helen Hoehne, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association:
“Last year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was challenged to change – and we did. Both internally, within the Association, as well as adding 21 new members to bring in fresh perspectives. We are on a journey of change, and we’re not going to rest.
We are going to be outspoken about what we’re learning and challenge others to join us. With members from more than 50 countries, we have a unique place in the awards universe. The Golden Globes are a bridge to a world audience of many colors, many faiths, 

and many cultures, all united in one thing – a love of movies– those of Hollywood, but also Bollywood, Nollywood, and films ranging from Argentina to South Korea and beyond.”