How We Changed

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) was founded in 1943 – then known as the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association – by a group of entertainment journalists based in Los Angeles. During World War II, the non-profit organization established a cultural bridge between Tinseltown and millions around the world seeking an escape and inspiration through entertainment. The HFPA continues to do so today with a membership representing more than 55 countries. Since 1944, the group has hosted the annual Golden Globe® Awards – the premier ceremony which honors achievements in both television and film. The licensing fees from the Golden Globe® Awards has enabled the organization to donate more than $50 million to more than 70 entertainment-related charities, film restoration, scholarship programs and humanitarian efforts over the last 27 years. For more information, please visit www.GoldenGlobes.com and follow us on Twitter (@GoldenGlobes), Instagram (@GoldenGlobes), and Facebook.


  • HFPA Philanthropy: Over the last 27 years, thanks to the income generated by the Golden Globes, the HFPA has devolved over $50 million to hundreds of deserving educational, cultural, artistic, and socially relevant organizations in the United States, operating also to help the arts and defend freedom of the press and refugees worldwide. Over 2,200 underprivileged students from all over the world have received HFPA scholarships to study in prestigious universities in California. The HFPA has contributed to technical equipment, cameras, laboratories for film and photography, as the many grantees who participated in our most recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony on January 9, 2022, attested. The HFPA has so far restored 138 films, giving over $ 8.2 million to organizations like The Film Foundation, founded by Martin Scorsese, Film Noir Foundation, the Cineteca of Bologna, UCLA and IndieCollect to save gems of cinema like Ben Hur,  The Red Shoes, La Strada, Paths of Glory, plus  300  shorts from the beginning of cinema along with  our partner the Institut Lumière.


  • A new structure: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has worked tirelessly to change into a structure that will allow the organization to grow while adding unique, representative voices from journalists around the world working anywhere in the US. There is a new Board of Directors (which consists of 2/3 women and 1/3 people of color) with the addition of three outside non-members, a first-ever Chief Diversity Officer and a new outside CEO.


  • New members: Selected from an applicant pool resulting from an extensive outreach effort, the HFPA added 21 new members, predominantly diverse journalists  bringing our membership to 103 with immediate voting rights for the Golden Globes; affiliation with organizations beyond the Motion Picture Association to include any other journalistic organization such as the National Association of Black Journalists, Asian-American Journalists Association, National Association of Hispanic Journalists and National Press Club among others.


  • The Reimagine Coalition: In early October, the HFPA announced a five-year coalition in partnership with the NAACP – the “Reimagine Coalition” – that aims to increase diverse representation throughout the industry and build meaningful employment opportunities for Hollywood workers and journalists of color. The two organizations will help support scholarships, fellowships, internships, and mentorship programs for people of color seeking careers in journalism and the entertainment industry, and to help place them in jobs, in addition to other initiatives such as restoring and digitizing Black films, forging connections with Nigeria’s film industry and African diaspora cinema and, elevating cinema through film festivals from diverse groups worldwide.