July 17, 2018 – Hollywood, California, U.S. – Actress KELLY MACDONALD promotes the movie ‘Puzzle’ in Hollywood. (Credit Image: © Armando Gallo via ZUMA Studio)
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On Music: For Kelly MacDonald, It Plays the Part

Three-time Golden Globe nominee Kelly MacDonald started her acting career with the iconic Trainspotting in 1997 and next December she will be seen in Etan Cohen’s solo debut as a director in the action-mystery comedy Holmes and Watson. We met the brilliant Scottish actress for her starring role in the drama Puzzle and we asked her if she is inspired by music when she prepares for a part.

“It plays the part,” she answered with a smile. “There’s certainly a connection with music and memory. If I listen to songs I can remember what I was doing at the time and I think — actually speaking about music, Dustin O’Halloran’s score for Puzzle blew me away. When I saw the film at Sundance it just affected me, it all worked, which is always lovely. But then the extra things like the music, it just elevates it so much more I think. He’s a modern-day genius, I think. I know a lot of actors listen to music going on set to get in the mood but more often than not if I’m listening to anything it’s dialect stuff because I quite often do accents. And those sometime have rhythms. ‘