• Golden Globe Awards

Patricia: el regreso del sueño (Dominican Republic)

Patricia: El regreso del sueño (Patricia: The Return of the Dream) is the Dominican entry to the Foreign Film Language category at this 75th edition of the Golden Globes awards. The movie, directed by Rene Fortunato, is also one of the few comedies in a category where movies tend to show the most serious fare from all over the world. Patricia: El regreso del sueño prefers to be a love story about immigration with a touch of humor.Emigré Juan Carlos (Amauris Pérez) decides to return to his country, the Dominican Republic, to get married to his longtime girlfriend. But he has lived many years in New York, like many countrymen running away from political persecution. As he arrives back in what was his hometown he runs into multiple difficulties, both financial and affective. Among them, a little detail: his fiancée of many years is already married and pregnant. In the middle of this dramatic situation, he decides to travel around his country. So begins a revelatory trip that will take him to discover aspects and situations of his homeland that he had long forgotten. Also when he is sunk into despair and his heart is broken, he meets Patricia (Stephany Liriano), the person who will change his life.René Fortunato is considered one of the most outstanding Dominican filmmakers of recent times. The irony is that he is better known for his documentaries, most of them heavily political. Patricia: The Return of the Dream is his first fiction feature film and the eighth title in his filmography. As the filmmaker confessed to the media, he is aware that some will be surprised by this film.  “That’s why I wanted to break away. I didn’t like the stereotype”, he said. “Patricia: El regreso del sueño is a love letter to my country, showing its beauty. A film that makes me proud of my heritage.”As all his previous films, Patricia: El regreso del sueño has been successfully shown in Dominican cinemas. But his new film also got a screening in New York, with the official representatives in attendance and an exhibit. Fortunato has been linked to the Dominican cinema since the 70s when he started in the Militant Cinema group, in the Faculty of Humanities of UASD.