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Vintage Cannes: 1965- Bond Takes Over the Croisette

May 22, 1965 – Bondmania hits the Croisette. Sean Connery and some would-be Bond Girls promote Thunderball in Cannes. Before being the classic and unbeatable Bond, the Scottish Connery from Edinburgh had been a sailor with the Royal Navy, a lifeguard, a truck driver, a bodybuilder, a gym trainer, a worker, a model for the Edinburg College of Art, a stagehand and, from there, a big step – an extra and finally, in 1956, a proper actor. Six years later, he rather reluctantly said yes to playing the smooth and dangerous spy James Bond in Dr. No, directed by Terence Young. He wasn’t sure whether or not he’d stay in the franchise – but here he is, three years later, taking over the Croisette.