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Alan Parker

Alan Parker (born in London, England February 14, 1994, died July 31, 2020) directed movies like Bugsy Malone (1976) with Jodie Foster, Midnight Express (1978) from a screenplay by Oliver Stone, Fame (1980) about the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, Shoot the Moon (1982) with Albert Finney and Diane Keaton, Birdy (1984) with Matthew Modine, Mississippi Burning (1988) with Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe, Come See the Paradise (1990) with Dennis Quaid, The Road to Wellville (1994) with Anthony Hopkins, Evita (1996) with Madonna and Antonio Banderas from the musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber, Angela’s Ashes (1999) with Emily Watson from the 1996 memoir by Frank McCourt, The Life of David Gale (2003) with Kevin Spacey.


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