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Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins (born in New York City, April 4, 1932, died September 12, 1992) acted in movies like Friendly Persuasion (1956) by William Wyler with Gary Cooper, Desire Under the Helms (1958) by Delbert Mann with Sophia Loren, Green Mansions (1959) with Audrey Hepburn, Tall Story (1960) with Jane Fonda, Psycho (1960) by Alfred Hitchcock, Aimez-vous Brahms (1961) by Anatole Litvak with Ingrid Bergman, Phaedra (1962) by Jules Dassin with Melina Mercouri, The Trial (1962) directed by Orson Wells from the 1925 novel by Franz Kafka. He acted in the sequels Psycho II (1983) and Psycho III (1986).

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