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Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson (born Charles Buchinsky in Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, November 3, 1921, died August 30, 2003) played an Indian in the westerns Apache (1954) with Burt Lancaster and Vera Cruz (1954) with Gary Cooper, both directed by Robert Aldrich, he starred in Machine Gun Kelly (1958) by Roger Corman, acted in The Magnificent Seven (1960) and The Great Escape (1963) both directed by John Sturges, The Dirty Dozen (1967) by Robert Aldrich, Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) by Sergio Leone, Lola (1969) by Richard Donner, Rider on the Rain (1970) by René Clément, The Valachi Papers (1972), The Mechanic (1972), Mr. Majestyk (1974), Death Wish (1974) and sequels, Hard Times (1975) by Walter Hill, From Noon Till Three (1976), 10 to Midnight (1983), Murphy’s Law (1986), The Indian Runner (1991) directed by Sean Penn. On television Bronson acted in Man with a Camera (1958-1960). He was married to Jill Ireland (1968-1990).

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