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David Hare

David Hare (born in Sussex, England, in 1947), was nominated twice to the Golden Globes for Best Screenplay – Motion Picture for The Hours (2002) and The Reader (2008), both directed by Stephen Daldry. Hare has been one of the most prominent figures in British theater and film since the 1970s and wrote TV plays such as Knuckle (1975) and 2nd House (1975).

Hare started his career as a playwright with his debut play, Slag, in 1970. He has since written numerous plays, including Plenty (1985), The Secret Rapture (1993), and Skylight (2014), adapted by Hare for the small or big screen.

Hare’s films include Wetherby (1985) and Paris by Night (1988), both of which he also directed, Strapless (1989), and Via Dolorosa (2000). He wrote and directed TV series, including The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1993 – one episode), The Adventure of Young Indiana Jones (1995 – one episode), and wrote several TV movies, Page Eight (2011), Turks & Caicos (2014), the series Collateral (2018), Roadkill (2020), and the TV movie Beat the Devil (2021).

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