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George C. Scott

George Campbell Scott (born in Wise, Virginia, October 18, 1927, died September 22, 1999) acted and directed on the Broadway stage. He acted in movies like Anatomy of a Murder (1959) by Otto Preminger, The Hustler (1961) with Paul Newman, Dr. Strangelove (1964) by Stanley Kubrick with Peter Sellers, Petulia (1968) by Richard Lester with Julie Christie, Patton (1970), The Hospital (1971) directed by Arthur Hiller from a script by Paddy Chayefsky, Movie Movie (1978) by Stanley Donen, Taps (1981) with Timothy Hutton.

On television he acted in The Crucible (1967), Jane Eyre (1970), Beauty and the Beast (1976), A Christmas Carol (1984), 12 Angry Men (1997), Inherit the Wind (1999).

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