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Ron Howard

Ronald “Ron” Howard (born March 1, 1954 in Duncan, Oklahoma) started acting as a child on the television series The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968), as a teenager on TV’s Happy Days (1974-1980) with Henry Winkler. He acted in movies like American Graffiti (1973) by George Lucas and The Shootist (1976) with John Wayne. He directed and starred in Grand Theft Auto (1977) then became a prolific movie director. He directed Splash (1984) with Tom Hanks, Cocoon (1985) with Don Ameche, Parenthood (1989) with Steve Martin, Far and Away (1992) with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Apollo 13 (1995), Dr.  Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) with Jim Carrey, The Missing (2003), Frost/Nixon (2008), Rush (2013), In the Heart of the Sea (2015). Howard directed Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind (2001) and Cinderella Man (2005), Tom Hanks in the film adaptations of the novels by Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code (2006), Angels & Demons (2009), Inferno (2016). He directed Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), Hillbilly Elegy (2020) with Glenn Close and Amy Adams, Thirteen Lives (2022). Howard directed documentaries like The Beatles: Eight Days a Week (2016), Pavarotti (2019).

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