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Susan Blakely

Actress Susan Blakely (born on September 7, 1948, in Frankfurt, Germany – where her U.S. military father was stationed), won a Golden Globe in 1977 as Best Television Actress for the Drama Series Rich Man, Poor Man, and received a GG nomination in 1984, again as Best Actress, for the TV Movie Will There Really Be a Morning? in which she portrayed tormented actress Frances Farmer.

Blakely is also known for her roles in Sydney Pollack’s The Way We Were (1973), next to Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand, the 1976 epic disaster movie The Towering Inferno, as the spoiled daughter of unscrupulous skyscraper builder played by William Holden, and Sylvester Stallone’s action movie Over the Top (1987).

With over 110 credits spanning six decades of nonstop work – starting in 1972 with Savages –  Blakely  appeared in hits such as Shampoo (1975), with Warren Beatty, Capone (1975), The Concorde… Airport ’79 (1979), played Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun in the TV movie The Bunker (1981), starred  in two episodes of the series The Love Boat (1985), played  Joan Kennedy in the TV Movie The Ted Kennedy Jr. Story (1986), and had roles in  Falcon Crest  in 1990.

Among Blakely’s other credits in film and television are Russian Holiday (1993), Murder, She Wrote (1989-1994), Broken Silence: A Moment of Truth Movie (1998), A Mother’s Testimony (2001), L.A. Twister (2004), Nip/Tuck (one episode in 2007), NCIS (2017), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2017), This is Us (2018), and she featured in the romantic comedy Emily or Oscar (2022).

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