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Trevor Howard

Trevor Howard-Smith (born in Cliftonville, Kent, England, September 29, 1913, died January 7, 1988) acted in movies like Brief Encounter (1945) by David Lean, I See a Dark Stranger (1946) with Deborah Kerr, The Third Man (1949) by Carol Reed with Orson Wells, The Heart of the Matter (1953) from the 1948 novel by Graham Greene, The Key (1958) with Sophia Loren, Sons and Lovers (1960) by Jack Cardiff, Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) with Marlon Brando, Father Goose (1964) with Cary Grant, Ryan’s Daughter (1970) by David Lean, Gandhi (1982) by Richard Attenborough. On television he acted in Christmas Eve (1986).

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