2016 Sundance Film Festival

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At Sundance, Ava DuVernay Announces Key Funding Partnership for Women and People of Color

Golden Globe-nominated director Ava DuVernay announced a new collaboration between ARRAY, an LA-based film collective dedicated to amplify works by people of color and women that she founded in 2010, and Indiegogo, the largest international crowdfunding organization that so far has helped over 40,000 films getting made. "On behalf of ARRAY's Maverick and Rebel members and our Founding Leaders, I'm thrilled to hold hands with our friends at Indiegogo on this intimate gathering of film artists and advocates focused on community and change," explained DuVernay.
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Sundance Diary – Opening Day

The Sundance film festival opened under clear Park City skies and a relatively balmy 45 degrees with the traditional Day One press conference at the Egyptian theater where Salt Lake Tribune movie critic Sean Means welcomed festival director John Cooper, Keri Putnam who heads the Sundance Institute and Sundance founder Robert Redford. The actor, producer and all-around Sundance legend said: “What I’m looking forward is to most is the audience response.