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Celebrating Our Golden Globe Winners: The 2010s

The second decade of the new century brings dramatic changes to the industry: international markets become leaders in ticket sales, super hero, horror and action franchises are the studios’ bread-and-butter, and creative talent migrates in droves to the new mobile and home entertainment platforms, the new independent cinema of the 2010s. Forty years after the New Hollywood revolution, a new generation of filmmakers re-focuses cinema, exploring what it means to be human in the 21st century and how to give voices to the themes of inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Golden Globe Awards

2016 – Drama: The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio went wild, literally, in The Revenant, trekking through the wilderness with just a bear skin on his bare body, wild hair, and beard, a lonely wolf against the elements, the icy cold, and the white man’s cruelty. With this revenge tale inspired by the story of frontiersman Hugh Glass, set in the northern mountains around 1820, and hinged on the plight of Native people, DiCaprio won his third Golden Globe as Best Actor (out of ten nominations), and his first Academy Award after five attempts.