79th Golden Globe Awards

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Nominee Profile 2022: Lee Jung-jae, “Squid Game”

If, in real life, the global pandemic of the last two years has served to highlight the interconnectedness of the modern world, and how our fates are to some degree all inextricably linked, it has also proven, once and for all, the universality of a compellingly told story, no matter the language. For evidence, look no further than Netflix’s Squid Game, a South Korean survival drama about a group of desperate people, all saddled with deep financial debts, who are recruited from a cross-section of society to play against one another in a series of recreated children’s games with life-or-death stakes.
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Winners Circle 2022: Nominee Profile 2022: Kenneth Branagh, “Belfast”

With his new film Belfast, writer-director Sir Kenneth Branagh returns to the home of his childhood, along the way scooping up an impressive tally of nominations for the 2022 Golden Globe Awards. The semi-autobiographical story of a small boy whose peaceful life is thrown into disarray when the Northern Irish political unrest known as the Troubles hits his hometown, it has won him nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay, along with Best Supporting Actress for Caitriona Balfe, Best Supporting Actor for both Jamie Dornan and Ciarán Hinds, and Best Original Song for “Down to Joy,” by Branagh’s buddy and fellow Northern Irishman Van Morrison.
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Winners Circle 2022: Nominee Profile 2022: Kodi Smit-McPhee, “The Power of the Dog”

It is very difficult to miss Kodi Smit-McPhee in a crowd because of his 6’1” tall height and his slim, willowy frame. It is not much easier to forget his portrayal of the gentle, soft-spoken, effeminate but self-assured Peter Gordon in the Jane Campion western movie as he is pitted against a rugged, toxic, abusive and alcoholic Phil Burbank (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch) in The Power of the Dog.