79TH Non-English Language Film Submissions

  • Golden Globe Awards

Kiều (Vietnam)

Kiều, directed by Mai Thu Huyền, blends action and romance alongside lushly staged melodrama in a manner, which summons forth feelings one might most readily associate with the grand, sweeping, foretold fates of an epic poem. That’s no surprise, given that the movie is inspired by a selected excerpt from poet Nguyễn Du’s 3,254-verse “luc bát” meter classic 19th century text “The Tale of Kiều,” an enduring and widely translated piece of early feminism, and one of the most famous Vietnamese literary works of all-time.
  • Golden Globe Awards

The Restless (France)

A family drama that explores the long shadow that one man’s bipolar disorder casts over his loved ones, Belgium-born filmmaker Joachim Lafosse’s The Restless enjoyed its world premiere in competition at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Damien Bonnard – who after a decade’s worth of screen credits burst onto the international film scene playing a conflicted police officer in Ladj Ly’s Golden Globe-nominated Les Misérables – here portrays Damien, a bipolar but loving father and successful artist who feels his best and most creative work comes when he is not taking his prescribed medication.
  • Golden Globe Awards

Captain Volkonogov Escaped (Russia): In Conversation with Yuri Borisov

One of the most in-demand young Russian actors at the moment opened up to me over Zoom about his challenges of working on his latest role as the titular Captain Volkonogov in the 2021 Russian drama film directed by Natalya Merkulova and Aleksey Chupov. This stylish, retro utopian thriller tells the redemption story of a Stalin-era enforcement agent and was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at this year’s 78th Venice International Film Festival.