Foreign Language Film Submissions 2017

  • Golden Globe Awards

Insult, The (Lebanon)

What started as a banal insult escalates into civil unrest and riots in this edgy and unpredictable drama by Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Two men from different cultural backgrounds exchange harsh words about an inconsequential issue, which gets blown out of proportion and leads to dangerous consequences in a story that provides a profound look at the historical trauma that has shaped modern Lebanese society.
  • Golden Globe Awards

Fantastic Woman, A (Chile)

Directed by Sebastian Lelio (Gloria, Disobedience) A Fantastic Woman won the Best Screenwriting Award at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival and, since then, it has been receiving rave reviews and recognition around the world. A revolutionary film for an ultra-conservative country like Chile, the story revolves around Orlando (Francisco Reyes) a 57-year-old textile company executive with a marriage and family, and a love affair with Marina, a beautiful and much younger trans woman who works as a waitress in a restaurant.