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Deliciously Styled in Character on “Julia”

How costume design helped the actors of new HBO Max series “Julia” fit into their characters In playing Paul Child in the 8-part HBO Max series Julia, costume designer John Dunn fitted David Hyde Pierce with a piece of clothing that Pierce said automatically helped him look — and feel — the part. The show is set in the ’60s when famous chef and television personality Julia Child (played by Sarah Lancashire) started popularizing French cooking in America.
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Game of Thrones: Partying at the Beginning of the End

Dragons hatched, winter arrived and many, many of our beloved characters died horrible deaths so we could come to this: the eighth and final season of the multi-Golden Globe-nominated ( with one win for Peter Dinklage) Game of Thrones. The launch of the conclusion HBO's flagship series took place in New York, with much fanfare, special effects, a giant Iron Throne and almost all the stars that kept us glued to our screens since 2011.