Jeff Bridges

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Nominee Profile 2023: Best Television Actor – Drama Series

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama Nominees: Jeff Bridges (The Old Man) Kevin Costner (Yellowstone) Diego Luna (Andor) Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) Adam Scott (Severance) This year’s Golden Globes Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama are notably diverse: from a retired spy, to a corrupt lawyer with multiple personalities, to a paranoid hero in the Star Wars universe, to a Montana cowboy and culminating in an unfulfilled employee who doesn't know what he's doing at work. Golden Globe winner Jeff Bridges plays former CIA agent Dan Chase, a man who managed to disappear for decades until an assassin shows up on his doorstep.
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Oral History: Jeff Bridges Acting with His Father Lloyd Bridges

HFPA journalists interviewed father and son together for the 1994 movie Blown Away directed by Stephen Hopkins. JEFF: “We worked together in Tucker: The Man and His Dream by Francis Ford Coppola a few years before this, but we had a lot more scenes to play in Blown Away, and I remembered something that I had forgotten, how much fun it was to work with my dad, because you become peers all of a sudden, especially if you approach the work in the same way, and you get back to that childlike thing of playing with each other, you become these two big kids and you get excited about ideas that you want to try.
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Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water-Nominee, Best Performance By An Actor in a Supporting Role In Any Motion Picture

Hot on the trail of a series of peculiar bank robberies in dusty, half-dead towns in West Texas, Jeff Bridges’ sheriff Marcus Hamilton cuts a powerful profile – he’s at the same time a lawman from the halcyon days of the frontier and a dim shadow of those legendary times, fading with a land that seems abandoned by all. “The basic thing about a great script, this was one that really rung true.