Nominee Profiles 2020

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Nominee Profile 2020: Brad Pitt, “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood”

On the surface, it seems somewhat ludicrous, the idea of Brad Pitt portraying a character who in many ways lives comfortably in the shadow of someone else. A rare movie star in the throwback sense of the description, Pitt has been a megawatt celebrity for so long, his high-profile romantic relationships unwillingly feeding the gaping maws of the tabloid industry, that the notion of him being able to convincingly blend into the background in an ensemble piece seems difficult to reconcile with his level of fame.
  • Golden Globe Awards

Nominee Profile 2020: Emma Thompson, “Late Night”

Her big-screen credits include box office smash Junior, holiday perennial Love Actually, the Nanny McPhee movies (for which she also wrote the screenplays), as well as such under-appreciated curiosities as The Tall Guy and The Love Punch, but Emma Thompson’s comedic prowess is a lesson that seemingly needs to be rediscovered every several years. Perhaps it’s a function of the exquisitely crafted dramas which served as her introduction to many viewers – movies like Henry V, Dead Again, Howards End, and The Remains of the Day, the latter two resulting in the first two of her ten Golden Globe nominations.