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Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone Flashback – Golden Globes Around the World Podcast Series

As we continue our 80-day countdown to the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards on January 10, 2023, we reach a milestone year – 1996 – which was full of surprises including the Golden Globe Best Actress win for Sharon Stone for Martin Scorsese's  Casino, which prompted her memorable response on stage, ‘OK, it's a miracle!’”  In honor of her 1996 win, we rewind back to our 2018 podcast with HFPA member, Silvia Bizio.
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Sharon Stone: “Filmmaking Can Affect the Way We Think and Feel.”

The first Forum launched by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the World Bank Narrating Behavior Change Program had the headline “Global Challenges Require Global Solutions,” and centered on innovative partnerships between the entertainment and development sectors. Several crucial questions were asked, and several profound answers were given, challenging Hollywood and global content creators to join forces and expand their focus on edutainment – immersing audiences in engaging stories while providing useful information.
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Vintage Cannes: 1992 – Verhoeven Stuns the Palais

Considering the frisson that Paul Verhoeven created with his 2021 Cannes entry, the erotic/religious drama Benedetta, it would be appropriate to recall another shock by the Dutch enfant terrible - Basic Instinct, in competition in 1992. The film had already stirred controversy in the US - it had opened in March -, with critics panning the picture -according to Roger Ebert, "just a worthless scrap with the spaces filled in"- and gay activists loudly protesting the movie with signs saying "Hollywood Promotes Anti-Gay Violence".