Sissy Spacek

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Hero Moment: Sissy Spacek, Back in Stephen King’s Twisted World

By her own admission, Sissy Spacek is inextricably linked to Stephen King, owing to her starring role in 1976’s Carrie, for which she was nominated for the first of her six Academy Award nods; eight nominations and three Golden Globes would eventually also stack up. “Fifteen years ago, this girl who couldn’t have been more than 17 came running up to me, pulled her sleeve down and showed me a tattoo of Carrie holding the flowers, with the crown, but no blood,” the actress told the HFPA in a special conversation at Comic-Con 2018.
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Golden Globe Moment: 1981, Sissy Spacek’s First Golden Globe

Anyone who watches the Golden Globe-nominated Netflix series Bloodline is familiar with the formidable Sally Rayburn, the matriarch of the extremely complicated Rayburn clan. That mix of warmth and menace, frailty and strength is the very essence of Sissy Spacek’s work as an actress, a talent that has shone through a long list of iconic roles, starting with her breakthrough moment as the shy, psychic teenager from Brian De Palma’s Carrie.