The Crown

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The Prevalence of “True” Stories

Casual channel zapping lets you follow the labor pains of the music streamer Spotify (The Playlist), or lets you get into the conflicted mind of the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski (Ted K), or lets you observe a boxer named Stuart Long changing his work clothes as he becomes a fighter for God (Father Stu), or lets you get a glimpse into the histrionic insularity of the British Royals (The Crown) and their offspring’s revelations (Harry & Meghan). Stories of real people’s lives and actual historical events are ubiquitous and it seems they are more numerous than ever.
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The Grandest Set of Them All with Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson, who plays Margaret Thatcher in the fourth season of The Crown, had never experienced anything as grand as being part of this series. Taking on the role of Great Britain’s first female Prime Minister was also a welcome challenge that made the former star of the X-Files series transform her looks, mannerisms and speech patterns to portray a woman whom the world knew as the Iron Lady, and who ruled her nation with a strong hand for 11 years.
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Claire Foy, The Crown – Best Performance By An Actress In A TV Series – Drama

Claire Foy receives her first Golden Globe nomination for her role as Elizabeth, first as princess and then as queen of England, in The Crown, Netflix series chronicling the lives of the British royal family.   Costing more than $100 million for its first season, the show takes us into the lives of the Windsors, portraying them as real people who contend with relationships, love, loss and heartbreak just like the rest of us, despite the palaces they live in, the wealth that surrounds them and the pedestal they are placed upon by the subjects they serve.