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Stana Katic: “’Absentia’ is SO not a procedural!”

Stana Katic was struggling with phone reception when we caught up to talk about the long-awaited third season of her drama series, Absentia. The actress previously known for eight seasons as Detective Kate Beckett on the series Castle, says her technology issues are not surprising, as she’s been spending her Covid19 lockdown on a remote Californian property she describes as “off the grid”, with husband Kris Brkljac and their extended family, including parents, nieces, and nephews who are all helping tend the veggie garden and feed the chickens.
  • Interviews

Esther Smith:”Conversations around fertility still feel quite taboo”

A television series about subjects like infertility and adoption wouldn’t generally inspire comedic material, however, Trying, starring Rafe Spall and Esther Smith shines a light on these so-called taboo topics, and does so with humor and sensitivity as it traces the lives of this very charming British couple.   Offscreen, Smith’s parents, both if them teachers, raised Esther and her sister Rachel in England’s West Midlands.