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80th Golden Globes: 10 Stars, Then and Now – Name the Star


 Golden Globes: Then and Now – Play the Game: Identify the rising star.


The Golden Globes celebrates the best in entertainment.  And sometimes the best comes from the youngest in the community. Then you have the privilege of watching gifts mature into formidable talent.


Over the 80 decades of the Golden Globes, some of our biggest stars have arrived on the red carpet looking – dare we say – adorable.


Each exhibits red carpet savvy despite their tender years.


Let’s play a game. Look at the photo – not the caption, and see if you can guess the little tyke that went on to own their place among the best in the industry.



(1) This star with tumbling ringlets and velvet dress has received four Golden Globe nominations – do you know her first one?

Kirsten DunstDrew Barrymore


(2) In the style of the day, with a little hair detail, this star has received three nominations and walked off with the Globe in 2010 for Best Actress – can you name the category of the win?

Bruce Boxleitner, Lisa Bonet, Tempest Beldsoe, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Eileen Brennan


(3) Always super cool sporting the subtle rimmed eye, this television star has a famous daughter – name the show that made her famous.



(4) With the hair flip that was popular in 1982, this former Miss Golden Globe is a star of television and film, and has famous parents – can you name them?

Laura DernMichelle Williams


(5) You know her as a movie star but what television show made her famous?



(6) Understated for the era, in a simple velvet dress, this star begun her career as a 13 year old opposite Sir Lawrence Olivier – who is she?

Diane LaneDiane Lane

1990 Niel Patrick Harris, 47th Golden Globes


(7) Dapper in a tux – this star has had two very successful television shows. What are they?


1991 Macaulay Culkin and Mickey Rooney, 48th Golden Globes


(8) To prove that the classic tux works in any size and is always a staple for men at formal events – two guys in tuxes. The actor on the right is Mickey Rooney but who is he with? Hint: He may only have had one nomination but he is forever remembered through this classic movie. What’s the film?





9) You have to love this suit – look at our ‘80s gallery and see another star wearing a similar style but with metallic trim! Now for the hint: This star has also been a game show host – who is she?



10) Showing innate style in a soft white gown, she went on to become a famous actress and director. Can you name this talented star?

Demi MooreDemi Moore

Mort Lachman

We’re adding one more for fun.


The men are Mort Lachman and Llance Kerwin sporting the big bow tie of the ’80s. In the center is a young star with a high pony at her crown that falls in loose curls.


She was nominated for this television show based on a book series. Who is she?

Okay! Were you able to identify each rising star? We have included more recent photos of them with their names and the answers to the prompts – See if you were right.

Kirsten Dunst

1) Kirsten Dunst received her first Golden Globe nomination in 1994 for Interview with a Vampire.


Drew Barrymore

2) Drew Barrymore has received three nominations and walked off with the Globe in 2010 for Best Actress – Television Motion Picture: Grey Gardens.


Fans of E.T. will recall her indelible performance in that film.


Zoe Kravitz (L) and Lisa Bonet


3) Lisa Bonet came to fame on The Cosby Show. She is the mother of Zoe Kravitz.


Laura Dern

4) Laura Dern had eight nominations and five wins. Her famous parents are Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd.


Michelle Williams

5) Michelle Williams six nominations; two wins. Fans may recognize or remember her from the television show Dawson’s Creek (1983 – 2003.) Her most recent win was for Best Actress – Television Motion Picture: Fosse/Verdon.


Diane Lane

6) Diane Lane – three nominations. She began her career opposite Sir Laurence Olivier in 1979 at the age of 13. Her most recent nomination was for Unfaithful – Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama.


Neil Patrick Harris


7) Neil Patrick Harris has been nominated four times starting in 1989 with Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture for Clara’s HeartHe racked up additional noms for Doogie Hoswer (1992) and How I Met Your Mother 2009 & 2010.


8) You guessed it! Macaulay Culkin was nominated in 1991 for Home Alone.


(No current Golden Globe photo available.)


Mayim Bialik


9) Mayim Bialik – The former Blossom star (1991 – 1995) found a new audience with fan favorite The Big Bang Theory (2007 – 2019).



10) Demi Moore has received three Golden Globe nominations – you may remember her first nomination for Ghost in 1991.


Demi Moore

Below: ***And one more just for you!

Melissa Gilbert was nominated for Little House on the Prairie in 1981.

Rob Lowe, Melissa Gilbert

Hope you enjoyed seeing these young stars in the early years of their career. Come back to see more fashion from 80 years of Golden Globes.