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Golden Globes: 80s Red Carpet Style – Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman”, Bruce Willis “Top Gun’s” Kelly McGillis, Big Hair and Metallic Clothing

Martin Sheen

The 80s were an interesting time. Greed was good,  excess was everything, and bigger was better.


That was often true for fashion, too. Hair was huge; shoulders extended; shine was in, and synthetic was where it was at.


The decade was also a time of saluting the greats of an earlier era; the huge talents of Bette Davis and Sammy Davis Jr. were showcased by the HFPA, as were rising stars, Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, and Marlee Matlin.


Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter – breathtakingly beautiful, Dan Lauria, Fred Savage, and Alley Mills from the television show: The Wonder Years. Kristy McNichol in Princess Di flats and a mini – all the rage of the era.


Seven-time 007 is here, Roger Moore with Amanda McBroom and Suzanne Somers, as is Dionne Warwick, Maria Conchita Alonso, Lorenzo Lamas, and Top Gun‘s Kelly McGillis. So is Moore’s successor, Pierce Brosnan.


We pause and pay tribute to those no longer with us. Huge talents, never forgotten, forever honored, and missed.


While we also pay homage to the talents that are still expanding our imaginations with performances that capture the magic and expand our dreams.

1988 Kevin Bacon and Ally Sheedy, 45th Golden Globes1988 Patrick Swayze, 45th Golden Globes

1989 Doris Day, 42nd Golden Globes1986 Howie Mandel, 43rd Golden Globes

James Brolin, Linda Grey, Harry HamlinLorenzo Lamas, Jane Wyman

1989 Phil Collins and Lamont Dozier, 46th Golden Globes1988 Sammy Davis Jr, 45th Golden Globes

1987 Leslie Ann Warren, 44th Golden Globes1988 Christopher Reeve, Cher, Olympia Dukakis, and, Marlee Matlin, 45th Golden Globes1987 Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis, 44th Golden Globes

1987 Angela Lansbury, 44th Golden Globes1988 Betty White, 45th Golden Globes

1987 Maria Conchita Alonso, 44th Golden Globes1987 Marlee Matlin, 44th Golden Globes1986 Edward James Olmos, Shari Belafonte and, Kristy McNichol, 43rd Golden Globes1986 Kelly McGillis, 43rd Golden GlobesDan Lauria, Fred Savage, Alley Mills1985 Pierce Brosnan

1986 Bette Davis, 43rd Golden Globes1986 Bette Davis, 43rd Golden Globes

1981 Loni Angerson, 38th Golden GlobesDionne Warwick1984 Barbra Streisand, 41st Golden Globes1981 Nastassja Kinski, 38th Golden Globes1985 Cicely Tyson, 42nd Golden Globes1985 Sonia Braga, 42nd Golden GlobesJeff Bridges, wife SusanJennifer BealsLynda Carter1987 Carl Weathers, 44th Golden GlobesPhil Collins, Shelley Long