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80th Golden Globes: Hair Trends – Play the Game – Sofia Carson, Timothée Chalamet, Julia Roberts, Lena Waithe, Jessica Simpson, Jon Bon Jovi – Name the Year

The late John Ritter - 1984 - this photo captures his sense of fun - we mIss you!

Sofia Carson, Timothée Chalamet, Julia Roberts, Lena Waithe, Jessica Simpson, Jon Bon Jovi & more


Hair – nothing defines an age more than ‘hair’.


Let’s play a game. If you’ve been following along with the 80th Golden Globes ‘look back’, you’ve been learning about each era’s style. Look at the photos in this gallery and guess the year – then check the caption to see if you were right.


We feature some of our most famous stars, and the hair style they wore on the Golden Globes red carpet. Guess the era.


Julia Roberts’ hair is almost as famous as her smile – see the contrasts in this gallery. Lena Waithe embodying the look of today with grooves in her hair and eyebrow. Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘boy band’ big hair of the 90s. Andy Garcia with groomed, slick hair, a little too long, with a naughty strand breaking free.


Jessica Simpson defying gravity with a ’60s blonde bouffant made modern. Pamela Anderson with big bouncy, tumbling curls. Whoopi Goldberg with braids. Barbra Streisand – four looks.

Men have distinctive styles which we will feature more in our Marvelous Men gallery. There are the tight curls, the move towards straight hair, the big bouncy coils, the long loose curls and the more natural trend of today.


Can you tell which look belongs in which era?

Jeff Goldblum 1984Timothée Chalamet

1994 Marlee Matlin, 51st Golden Globes1996 Jodie Foster, 53rd Golden Globes

The aerated hair of the ’90s. At the beginning of the decade the big hair of the ’80s was still being felt (l) as the natural hair of 2000s approached the curls and blow-dry flattened to a more natural look.

Sigourney Weaver, 1983

1990 Julia Roberts Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts. The smile. The hair. The talent. Nine nominations. Three wins. Each nomination has resulted in a totally different red carpet look. Here are four of them. Guess the year.

Julia Roberts2001 Julia Roberts

Jessica Alba (l) Cate Blanchett (r) The feel is specific – right? When do you think they were taken – close together? Different eras?

Jessica Alba 2006Cate Blanchett

Michelle PfeifferLena WaitheCharlize TheronJon Bon Jovi and Reba McEntireRaquel Welch 1985John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston. We love her hair. Its a throwback to the early glamour decades, with a nod to the year it was taken with the loose groomed ends. She looks exquisite.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson with long locks lightened at the tips (above).


Ellen Barkin with the benefit of a large rounded brush blow-dry (below).


Which photo was taken when?


Ellen Barkin and Gabriel  ByrneAndy GarciaIngrid Clairmont and Judy GarlandWhoopi GoldbergSofia CarsonKate Beckinsale

Reese Witherspoon2005 Laura Linney

Sandra Oh2001 Benicio del ToroJessica SimpsonRaquel WelchValerie Bertinelli and Scott Baio

Above: The big hair has to give you a hint – if I say take it: One Day at a Time will that help?


Below: Wow! 18 nominations! 8 Wins! This talented director, producer, singer and actress is one of our great popular voices. Her hair deserves a little attention of its own. In the early days it was ‘big’ and curly. Thereafter, oh, so very slick. Check out the ‘do’ guess when it was done.

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand (Yentl), Paul NewmanClint Eastwood and Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand2006 William L. Petersen and Pamela Anderson, 63rd Golden GlobesDanai Gurira

Above: Notice Danai Gurira’s hair jewel – that should help you decide when this photo was taken.


So how did you do? 80% right is excellent. Less than that means you have to look closer at our 80th galleries.  Return for more fashion, games, and glamor as we celebrate 80 years of Golden Globes.