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80th Golden Globes: 70s Style – John Travolta, Mark Hamill, Lucille Ball, Robin Williams

The 70s were a mash of visuals. Television and movies hit a stride with names that would become legendary, and the Golden Globes were celebrating the best of the best. It’s almost with a sense of awe that we discover Joan Crawford, her famous eyebrows making her instantly recognizable, taking on the fashion of the 70s despite her advanced years.


We see a very young and handsome Arnold Schwarzenegger. His health and vitality like tangible energy. John Travolta with man scruff. Donna Summer in an easy 70s gown. Robin Williams with a top hat and a minute polka dot bow tie. Jon Voight clutching his Globe, and with his long hair, looking like a rubber stamp of his daughter, Angelina Jolie.


You have to pinch yourself to see these names that resonate today appear so youthful, at play, finely dressed to suit the times.


For men – it was all about the size of the bow tie. Mark Hamill fresh off Star Wars went big, as did director, Oliver Stone, here, bristling testosterone. LeVar Burton celebrating the evening with a collar that Harry Styles might envy.


Nostalgia is palpable as we scroll through and see the first classic revenge man, Charles Bronson, with his wife, Jill Ireland. Television stars and Movie stars alike, thrill us merely by their presence and their clothing speaks to an era. Look for your favorites.

Fred Astaire, Jane Fonda, John Travolta

Fred Astaire, Jane Fonda and John Travolta. The two men are known for their moves. The woman is known for her mouth – what she says, how she uses words, and what she is willing to take on.


Astaire, still dapper with a colored cummerbund. Fonda with a bow tie of her own and a piece of unique jewelry. John in tailored perfection, the hair so 70s. All are perfect for the event. All show just enough variation from tradition. You know style has changed.

1972 Alfred Hitchcock and Rosalind Russell, 29th Golden Globes

Sometimes you want to see what you expect to see. Mr. Hitchcock‘s famous profile. That’s Rosalind Russell with him, playing a part.

Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder

Donna Summer. Bare shoulders were a ‘thing’ in the 70s. Note the soft hairstyle of ‘almost not there’ curls, and natural makeup. The gown, unstructured with simple beads, let’s her natural beauty shine through. The slight gold to the gown a nod to the eastern fabric that trended during the 70s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Can you look at this photo and not grin? That big, toothy smile. The hair, so 70s, the massive bow tie. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mark Hamill and Marilou York

Mark Hamill enjoying the fame that would last forever as Star Wars changed film forever. Note the broach. We think today’s men discovered the broach, but nah – maybe Mark Hamill did? Ya think?

Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood, Donny & Marie Osmond

If you didn’t know, you’d think they were related. Well, you’d be half right. Donnie and Marie the singing wonders, and Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood


Donnie has the mass of hair as befitting the pop singer he was. Marie has that bob that was so popular in the 70s. You decide how you feel about it. Wagner has a three piece suit and shorter hair. Natalie Wood wears the plunging neckline of an earlier era. The choker of gems is very 2023 – and we should expect to see them on the 80th red carpet.

Jon Voight

AJ’s dad: Jon Voight.

Herve Villechaize, Polly Holliday

“The plane! The plane!” Who could forget the opening words of Fantasy Island? The clothes? Perfect for the era.

Joyce Dewitt, Linda Lavin, Robin Williams, Richard Hatch

Some iconic shows represented by these actors: Robin Williams – Mork & Mindy. Joyce Dewitt – Three’s Company. Linda LavinAlice. Richard HatchBattlestar Galactica.

1976 Milos Forman, Louise Fletcher, Michael Douglas (Director, Actress, Picture drama-One Flew Over the Cuckoo

Representing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Director Milos Forman, Louise Fletcher – and a very baby-faced Michael Douglas with a full head of hair – dare we suggest blow-dried? Each has a perfect accessory – a Golden Globe.


Robin Williams

This is such a great photo. The top hat. The classic tux. The talent.  We miss you Robin Williams.

Norman Fell, Kristy McNichol

Doesn’t this make you nostalgic? Norman Fell, from Three’s Company, The Ropers and so many more. Kristy McNicholEmpty Nest and Family.


He is traditional with huge glasses, as was the trend in the 70s. She sports trousers and a waist coat – very fashionable for a young woman in the late 70s.

Gregory Peck, Lucille Ball

Two icons: Gregory Peck and Lucille Ball. His nod to the 70s is slightly loser hair – though still very groomed. She is elegance itself and the definition of style. What she’s wearing could be worn by anyone anywhere today and still stand out as tasteful. The hair is softly curled, but the eyes are ‘Lucy’ eyes, her trademark lashes and eyeliner. It works.

Oliver Stone

Manly man. Hair just a tad too long – a little rebellious, a whole lot talented: Oliver Stone.

Cicely Tyson, Jon Voight, Dyan Cannon

The women are contrasts of the wide range of 70s Cicely Tyson is wearing a pattern that was on trend, as was the flowing dress. The soft tie at the neck very 1970s. As one entered the 80s the pulled-back hair would trend, countering the huge 80s waves that came next. 


Dyan Cannon is all 70s appeal. Blonde, tanned, with big curls and frills.

1970 Joan Crawford (deMille), John Wayne

John Wayne was always John Wayne. But look at Ms. Crawford. Her hair is coiffed from an earlier era. Her trademark eyebrows are right as we expect them to be. Her dress is of the moment. Another woman might have hidden her arms, but this cut was very 70s and she owns it completely. Brava!

Catherine Deneuve, Robert Evans, Faye Dunaway

Catherine Deneuve, Robert Evans, Faye Dunaway. If you don’t know who these people are, do yourself a favor and google them, watch some of their films, then come back with wonder.


Deneuve’s hair has the ‘Farrah’ curl. Evans sports the large rims of the time. Ms. Dunaway is understated beauty – all bone structure and elegance.


Note that she is wearing a sheer – how many decades ahead of the current trend? The pearls: timeless.

Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson was that special blonde that made heads turn. Her hair is undone, done. Soft curls that invite a caress. The dress/coat is exquisite. The plunging neckline, trimmed with soft fur has the same effect as the hair – you want to reach out and feel it.

William Peter Blatty, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow

Focus on the center. Linda Blair, so sweet, so totally terrifying. She took home a Globe for The Exorcist

Ed Asner, Esther Rolle, Tim Conway

Ed AsnerLou Grant and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Esther RolleMaude and Good Times and – Tim ConwayThe Carol Burnett Show.


Esther is wearing ostrich feathers (yes, they were everywhere in the 70s) dangling from kaftans. Here – trimming her jacket – they make the ensemble classic.

Telly Savalas

Telly Savalas starred in a string of commercial successes but he will forever be known to legions of fans as his television namesake: Kojak. He may also be responsible for making bald sexy.

George Burns

George Burns became an ‘institution’. The comic, actor, producer was much beloved by many. He came into living rooms in the 1950 with The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show. In 1977 he play the titular character in Oh, God!

Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins – no words required.

Richard Burton, Jill Ireland, Charles Bronson

Richard Burton is timeless. Jill Ireland is wearing a version of the Dorothy Hamill haircut. The ice skater took hold the gold in 1976 – her short cropped hair trended. Her husband, Charles Bronson defined the revenge movie that is still a staple plot point in action films today.

Jenny Agutter, Edgar Scherick, LeVar Burton

Jenny Agutter’s hair has the softness of the time – in side-swept curls. Her gown is very 70s where flowing fabric could often be found.


If you caught Harry Style’s collar at TIFF (SEE GALLERY) you’d think it was totally inventive – until you look at LeVar Burton’s collar. For men, the 70s were about the bowtie but also about the collar – always big, and elongated. Mr. Burton demonstrated the fad.

Henry Winkler, Jane Fonda, Cheryl Ladd

Henry Winkler is still being nominated for outstanding work, as is Jane Fonda. Cheryl Ladd stepped away from the spotlight after the Charlie’s Angels fame. She epitomizes ‘beauty’ of the time. Blonde, fit, beautiful. Her hair is gently done, her slip-dress – timeless.

Sophia Loren, Liza Minnelli

Let’s finish our look back with two talented and dynamo women – Liza Minnelli and Sophia Loren. Liza has maintained the ‘cap’ of hair through the ages along with the rimmed eyes. It is her ‘look’. Ms. Loren’s classic beauty is heightened by the patterned, plunging gown. The hair is arranged perfectly for the era. The makeup is on point, too. Take more than a moment to observe the neck collar – no wonder the look has returned again in 2023/24.