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Fashion: Accessories for the Summer

jeremy strong, anne hathaway

Summer is here – but what are the fashion trends to use to update your wardrobe? See what the stars are doing on the red carpet – be inspired.

Rebecca Hall

These heavy-rim glasses on Rebecca Hall are everywhere right now. Beware! They get heavy on the nose, though the look is divine. Note the uneven earrings.

shoesCaroline Daur Heels

A few seasons ago the platform disappeared, but they were everywhere to be seen in Cannes on Paola Locatelli and Caroline Dau.

Hair - jewels

Jewels as hair adornment – this started on the Golden Globes’ red carpet a few years ago and is a trend we want to see more of. Deepika Padukone.


Gloves made repeated appearances on recent carpets – Yseult.

accessory glassesForest Whitaker power watch

(r) These light-weight sunglasses have a timeless appeal – note the tee with the jacket. It works, Ladj Ly. (l) Forest Whitaker – the power watch is still a man’s best accessory. You may use your phone to tell time, but the power watch says: I have arrived.

Accessory necklace

Deepika Padukone kills on the carpet. If you are into fashion, follow her  – she inspires. Here with a dramatic necklace but we are interested in the headband. Try it.